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"it's a prosthetic."
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hello i am hito ^///^ this is my little corner of the internet. people take the web too seriously in recent times, i find it hard to represent myself when everyones wants to fit that "cookie cutter" mold, being perfect in every way, while when you act yourself you'll attacked for not fitting the media's moral standard. the bounds of social media are so restricting.

this is a place free of those stipulations for my interests, thoughts, and feelings.

i never had that many friends in real life, or, atleast ones that would listen to me or my interests in depth. the internet is like, a place where im not shunned for trying to be creative. theres a space for everyone, and thats whats so "beautiful" about it... and thats why i started making my website!

all of that was probably nonsense, i dont have the clearest ideas. but i digress.

about the webmaster

im hito, as i said. i also go by crumb but thats kindof a stolen name.. you can use whichever! my pronouns are they/them and i am nonbinary. im a little weird but i hope that isnt *too* much of an issue. :-)

for more general interests, i really like drawing, writing, and collecting things. im a total hobbyist though and im probably not going to make a career out of any of these. one day i'll add a page for my collections... the wait should not be too long.

fandoms im "in" (i dont really like fandom culture so i dont interact with it) are castle of nations (been a fan since semi-early days... unknown-persons tumblr.), sally face aggretsuko, lucky star, madoka magica, yume nikki, and etc.... im very passionate about all my interests and love to talk about them :-)